Shared Philosophy

The Collaborative’s shared philosophy, Seniors in New Brunswick experience improved quality of life, is anchored by the following strategic priorities, also known as the Collaborative Pillars and established by participants of the Summit for Healthy Aging and Care in November 2012. These are built on the foundational concepts of partnership, shared collaboration, and a holistic approach:


Caring Communities – are age-friendly and reciprocal communities that support the development of healthy living, personal responsibility and personal networks through intergenerational integration.

Continuing Care – ensures access to client-centred care by breaking down silos along the continuum of care, and ensures respite services and family care supports are available for those who need them.

Consultation and Contribution – seeks opportunities to share skills in building a positive image around aging, and seeks opportunity to contribute and communicate as change agents with public policy makers.

Purpose of Collaborative Pillars


The Collaborative Pillars do not stand-alone but rather work in complement to one another within the Collaborative framework. Their purpose is to encourage participating organizations and individuals who have a focused interest in a particular area. All activity that falls under the three pillars is done in the name of the Collaborative, and is branded as such.


An organization can work within one, many, all or none of the pillars and still be a member of the Collaborative. They ensure that the Collaborative remains true to themes that were brought to light at the 2012 Summit, and to help guide the more focused projects of the Collaborative.

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