Participation in the Collaborative means:


  • Anyone who cares about the future of healthy aging and care in the province can contribute.
  • People and organizations contributing what they can (experience, knowledge, and assets, etc.) and when they can.
  • There is an expectation that collaborative member’s share responsibility for promoting and transferring Collaborative knowledge and information, and work to integrate/share within their organizations and communities.
  • We strive to work with First Nation communities, all levels of government (municipal, provincial and federal), the private sector and New Brunswick’s linguistic communities.




  • Hosted the "Summit for Healthy and Care-Innovating Together" November 2012
  • Hosted several stakeholder meetings to establish the Collaborative
  • Produced document "We Are All Neighbors in Aging"
  • Hosted Leaders Forum event during the 2014 provincial election campaign
  • Received grant for seniors transportation project in the Village of Gagetown
  • Conducted a strategic planning session
  • Established a Volunteer Council for the Collaborative Council

“There was an openness for people to truly share their ideas and feelings. This gave me hope. The system is broken, and we have to think even bigger than we are thinking now. To find solutions, we need to listen to and stand behind people daring to say and do something different.”


Eileen Malone, advocate and 80-year-old citizen

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