Our Mandate

The NB Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care exists to create ongoing, diverse, multi-sector conversations that help us understand and define the aging experience that evolves over time, and how New Brunswick citizens want to experience aging in this province.


As such, through stakeholder alignment, the NB Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care:


  • Supports partnership and collaboration at both the strategic and operational levels.
  • Cultivates and builds greater synergy opportunities.
  • Supports the development of unique partnerships to build system capacity that will drive system, Societal and policy change.
  • Supports breaking down aging stereotypes in order to address ageism that is widespread in our culture.



Measures of Success


The conversations that we facilitate result in:

  • Creating a central focus of the work being done by individual stakeholders and organizations at both the community, municipal and provincial levels.
  • Accepting the shared responsibility in partnership with government in working together to empower communities and seniors themselves.
  • Developing public policy that leads to culture and system change by identifying immediate and long term goals and partnering with organizations aligned with our efforts.
  • Creating tangible, collaborative projects on the ground.
  • Establishing benchmarks against which measurable cost savings can be determined.
  • Identifying innovative approaches that address the challenges we face.
  • Measuring community engagement and change.
  • Promoting wellness and recognizing individual contributions in various states of health.

We believe that:


  • It is possible to create sharing among linguistic and cultural groups that consist of diverse stakeholders, including seniors themselves, who work together to create and define the aging experience in NB.
  • We can most positively influence the aging experience by focusing on identifying and helping leverage (make visible, connect, celebrate, etc.) the strengths of individuals and groups in communities (we refer to these as assets).
  • Everyone, in any part of a community, with any background, can experience and contribute to healthy aging and care.
  • That in spite of system challenges, customer service excellence can be achieved.
  • Although government alone can’t affect the societal change needed with population aging, they have a critical lead role in working with individual communities in defining their aging experience.

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