Our Commitment

We are committed to:


Learning and curiosity: learning about how we can bring people together in meaningful, safe and productive ways where questions can be asked and curiosity welcomed.

Inclusivity and connection: creating opportunities for all to have a voice, and connecting those who have an interest in the efforts of the collaborative.

Transparency and sharing: Sharing all that we know, how we operate, and what we are learning with others.

Openness and Innovation: Open to change that is driven by innovation and evidence.

Facilitating and encouraging action: Serving as a catalyst for change by building on the existing strengths that exist within our province and communities.



  • Sharing and sustaining the collective conversation on healthy aging.
  • Discovering the best use of contributions (expertise, knowledge, dollars) to positively impact aging in the province.
  • Creating safe possibility spaces where new ideas can be explored for important and sometimes difficult conversations.
  • Facilitating the narrative history and sharing of older adults.
  • Celebrating our collective ability to shape the future of our province together!

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